Abyasa training for new users

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Our team are planning to conduct a training session of Abyasa products to help introduce our software and help new users develop an expertise and confidence in the best ways of using each package.
We plan to conduct a regular weekly training session where our SP1 lead, Mayuri will explain how to perform tasks in Abyasa, answer questions and allow the new users to contribute their thoughts and suggestions. We encourage new users to share screens with our support team when undertaking new tasks so that we can support in the best way to achieve the goals.

The first training session will be on Tuesday 16th February at 10am UK time this will include the following topics:
Getting Started with Abyasa Basics of Abyasa SP1 application (Part1)

  • Logging into the Abyasa SP1 application
  • Looking at Menus and Submenus
  • Setting up lists, Default List
  • Searching records from Link Picker
  • Filtering records using Find form
  • Saving Queries
  • View/Editing record
  • Print/Export Lists

Please contact for further information.