Preparing for the next academic year 23/241. Setting up programmes, placement headers, Programme Placements and Mapping
2. Changing system academic year to 23/24
3. Setting up Offer list with Count of Offers Made for 23/24 with Offer Request Status
4. Setting up list which shows the Offer Made in last 3 years i.e. 20/21, 21/22 and 22/23
5. Preparing letters/emails and setting offer request status.
6. Monitoring offers you get each week after you have sent the email to schools
January 11th at 10am UK timeMayuriCompleted
Reviewing Templates for The Next Academic Year Checking existing templates and making required changes for the next academic yearJanuary 31st at 10am UK timeRomaCompleted
Placing Students and running Health Checks1. Managing programme placements and assigning required placements
2. Matching Students to Offers
3. Placing Students using Various methods
4. Features to help identify the order in which students may need to be placed
5. Running Health check on Prog placements with Mapping and checking required placement
February 1st at 10am UK timeMayuriCompleted
Setting Up Comments and Viewing Previous Form Answers functionalities in Pro Form 1. Configuring Nested Comments functionality for questions inside a template
2. Configuring different ways to show Previous Answers of a particular question
Feb 28th at 10am UK timeRomaCompleted
Communications – Sending Emails1. Filtering the Placement records
2. Adding a new letter/email template
3. Setting up email/letter template with placement details
4. Sending Emails
5. Filtering the letter/email templates on Template tags
6. Copying and deleting the letter/email templates
7. Making letter/email templates Inactive
8. Recording Mailing and Communications
March 1st at 10am UK timeMayuriCompleted
Setting Up Permissions for Templates Managing the Template Completion Phases and setting permissions for templatesMarch 15th at 10am UK timeRomaCompleted
Supervisor Allocation1. Assigning Link Tutors to the Placements
2. Allocating hours to the Link Tutors
April 5th at 10am UK timeMayuriCompleted
Scheduling Form for Mentor and Tutors in Pro Scheduling Mentor Training Form and Supervision Allocation forms in Pro April 19th at 10am UK timeRomaCompleted
Tracking Students Assessment Results and running Health Checks1. Setting up Headings, Assessment Grades Result set in Abyasa.
2. Setting up Programme Assessment Points and Student Assessment Points
3. Entering the Assessment grades, copying the grades from excel
4. Setting up list in Students screen showing the Students Final Assessment grades
5. Running Health check for assessment mapping in SP1 and Pro
May 3rd at 10am UK timeMayuri & RomaCompleted
Adding or Updating the Coverage Reference for Evidence Collection Functionality Adding or updating the Standards Coverage Reference and linking questions to the references.May 17th at 10am UK timeRoma
Managing Training1. Setting up an event (Adding event, selecting event type, Dates of an event and number of sessions)
2. Adding Participants to an event (Adding participants from Events, Students, Teachers, School and Staff screen)
3. Updating Attendance to the Participants
4. Additional: Removing Participants, Making Participants as Can Not Attend, will not attend
4. Event Reports
5. Awarding Mentor Training Qualifications
6. Viewing Mentor Training status from Teachers screen
June 7th at 10am UK timeMayuri
Creating Review Groups for The Next Academic Year And Attaching Templates and Trainees Adding Review Groups, attaching templates and scheduling comments to the Review Group.
Attaching a single or cohort of students to the Review Group
June 21st at 10am UK timeRoma
Reports in SP1 and Pro1.Information from Pro can be seen in SP1 and vice versa (such as Personal Details page, Placement Details page, assessments, excel reports and NQT).
2. Reference Reports from Pro
July 5th at 10am UK timeMayuri & Roma
Using the Support Plan Functionality 1. Configuring and Linking Support Plan Templates
2. Initiating Support Plan
July 19th at 10am UK timeRoma
Importing student details into the Abyasa SP11. Preparing excel sheet with student details to import into the database
2. Optional – Matching with existing records
3. Initialising the data for the import
4. Matching fields – Student address, email address and contact details and personal information
5. Saving the students records.
August 2nd at 10am UK timeMayuri
Students Self-placing for PlacementsConfiguring and managing the self-placing processAug  9th at 10am UK timeRoma
School Direct 1.Adding a Lead school and its members schools (School Group)
2.Adding offers to lead school (before students are recruited)
3.Allocating students to their School Direct group, Base school and Placement Header
September 6th at 10am UK timeMayuri
Changes in the new version of Abyasa Pro and SP1Showcasing the new features for the new versionTBAMayuri & Roma
How do we Manage Payments1. Setup Payment amount in Placement Header screen
2.Generating the Payment Report and sending emails/letter
3.View/Edit/Print the payments overview
October 4th at 10am UK timeMayuri
Pro Invitations and Alternative Method of Attaching Trainees to Participants Attaching student to their participants using different methodsOctober 18th at 10am UK timeRoma
Managing Out of Sync Students in SP1 and Pro1.Setting up Resit/Out of Sync Placement Headers
2.Placing Resit/Returning Students on SP1
3.Creating Fresh Attempt for Assessment Form
4.Entering Assessment grades for the Resit students
November 8th at 10am UK timeMayuri & Roma
Recording and Reporting ECT data from SP1 & Pro1. Students entering ECT data on Abyasa Pro
2. Reporting and extracting the ECT data from SP1.
December 6th at 10am UK timeMayuri & Roma