Setting Up Access for Participants (Staff Members and Teachers) and StudentsOctober 13th at 10am UK time  Setting Up access for Participants (Staff Members and Teachers) and showing the menus in Participants pages. Setting up access for students and showing the students Pro pages and menusRoma
Managing Assessments in SP1 and ProNovember 10th at 10am UK time1. Setting up Headings, Assessment Grades Result set in Abyasa.
2. Setting up Programme Assessment Points and Student Assessment Points
3. Setting up assessment forms in Pro 4. Resolving issues when assessment form cannot be added. 5. Setting up list in Students screen showing the Students Final Assessment grades and Exporting the grades
Mayuri & Roma
Managing Out of Sync Students in SP1 and ProNovember 24th at 10am UK time1.Setting up Setting up Resit/Out of Sync Placement Headers 2.Placing Resit/Returning Students on SP1 3. Creating Fresh Attempt for Assessment Form 4. Entering Assessment grades for the Resit studentsMayuri & Roma
Reports in SP1 and ProDecember 8th at 10am UK time1.Information from Pro can be seen in SP1 and vice versa (such as Personal Details page, Placement Details page, assessments, excel reports and NQT). 2. Reference Reports from Pro 3. HESA Reports  Mayuri & Roma