We take pride in providing a flexible and tailored approach for our clients

Placement Administration

Abyasa software supports the administration and reporting of the teacher training process within universities managing information on schools, student trainees their teachers and mentors and ECT information. Communications such as email, phone and mailings are managed with ease and recorded for easy viewing as required. Individual programmes of study with their required placements can be configured as required.

School placement offers and student placements are managed together with assessments, individual tutorials, submissions and transport groups. Training events, staff contracts, accommodation providers, payments and bookings are also possible. All information is easily viewed and reported as required.

Data can be shown as a report bringing the information required by the viewer together, such reports can be exported or printed as required. The reports can be constructed to show cohort information and can be configured as required.

Student Engagement

Abyasa allows tutors, mentors and trainees to set targets, review progress and record evidence of development. It can be configured to match the existing practice of an institution and allow easy tracking and reporting of a trainees’ progress in achieving the teaching standards. 

Abyasa also allows entering of assessments, tracking of trainees into their ECT years, recording of interview grades and allows trainees to manage their Curriculum Vitae. All participants can evaluate the programmes and placements they are involved with. 

The program is underpinned by roles and permissions set by the administrator which determine what can be viewed and edited down to a fine level by each participant. 

The application responds to different viewports to provide the best user experience possible for each device. The different viewports include desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and their corresponding orientations.

Our Modules

Abyasa Pro is a web-based application focused on students’ development, it allows tutors, mentors and trainees to set targets, review progress and record evidence of development.  

At its core is a timeline set for each student to which scheduled and unscheduled items can be added. The design of these items is highly flexible, and examples include pre-placement checks through weekly reflections and observations to assessments and evaluations. Templates can be designed in-house using the admin module or our support team can create them on request. Each cohort of students can have a different configuration customised for it.  

Questions and responses can be linked to the Teaching Standards and Core Curriculum Framework to allow easy tracking and reporting of a trainee’s progress.  A document section provides a place for documents to be share for the cohort or for private to each student.  

Participants are assigned a role which determines the permissions they are granted and the functionality they can access.  Predefined roles include the Programme Tutor role which allows reporting across all the students on a programme seeing who is up to date, their current assessments and their progress in a Standard. Other roles include University Based Tutor, School Base Mentor and Subject tutor. 

Special functionality allows: 

  • Students to enter their personal details to be used when being placed, i.e. schools to avoid, family care commitments. This can even be done whilst still applicants. 
  • The monitoring of attendances and absences 
  • Students to enter travel claims 
    The creation of support plans for individual students 
  • The tracking of students into their ECT years and beyond. Students are asked to give details of their future employment and to create their own teacher record if employed at a school. 
  • Email notifications to be sent to key individuals when specific forms are started, or any defined condition is met.  

Abyasa SP1 is the main admin module for placing students and managing the processes that support partnership activities.  

The application has a range of places where students can be matched to offers including from maps, highly filterable lists or by using an auto placing function which will suggest placements based on user defined rules.  Warning messages will alert users if unsuitable selections are made. The rules are configurable and can be set as desired or required i.e. a student being placed in a school they have had previously.

This module has configurable lists which allow each user to select the columns to include and how to filter the data. The data shown in these lists can be downloaded in a spread sheet format or can be copied and pasted into other applications.  Abyasa provide special columns which allow for more complicated lists such as for STAIR reporting where each student is shown with columns of data specific to each placement along with the assessments on the same row.  Abyasa provides a report writing service to create bespoke reports which can summarise or present data in a variety of  formats. 

The admin module is used for: 

  • Placing students
  • Organising the supervision of students by University staff and managing the hours allocated for each member  
  • Setting up the assessments for each cohort of students. 
  • Paying partners for supporting students, event attendance and partnership activities 
  • Managing training events and awarding mentor training certificates 
  • Emailing contacts. Emails can be sent from any record which has a link to the recipient i.e. placements to school Professional Mentors or from a student to their subject tutor.  
  • Analysing and Reporting on the data stored. 
  • Configuring the interface with the student record system (SITS) 
  • Managing the New Year Process setting up the year ahead. 

Abyasa provides services to maintain the quality of data stored in the database such as a daily update of schools’ Ofsted data ensuring that the most recent Ofsted grades are shown and the Ofsted report can be downloaded at the click of a button. We maintain a UK Schools table which has information on all schools in the UK which have publicly available data from a government source. This table is used when adding new schools to ensure our schools update service maintains the key data after it is added. A further service maintains the academy converters and the open and closed status of schools to ensure a closed school is not used or emailed. 

Abyasa Partnership is a web-based module in the admin module for partner organisations. It has three sections which are available depending on the level of involvement in the partnership. 

School Direct Partners – Users with full permissions can see information on the Alliance, the Lead school and all the alliance partner schools. Functionality includes maintaining the information held on the alliance, placing and un-placing students in their schools, managing the tutors and the roles they have, uploading and sharing partnership agreements and documents. They can also view the student’s assessments and follow links to the Abyasa Pro portal to view the student’s portfolio. Users in this category also have the functionality of the following sections. 

School Partners – Users with full permissions can see and edit information on their school. Functionality includes maintaining the information held on the school i.e. email addresses and teachers and their roles. They can also view their offers and placements along with the training status of the teachers in their school. The portal can also be used to see upcoming training events and register teachers on them. Users in this category also have the functionality of General Schools. 

General Schools – They access the portal though a token sent by email, this is usually sent out in a trawl requesting offers for the upcoming academic year. The user can update basic information about their school and enter offers of placements. The list of offers can be sorted and filtered and includes a summary of each placement. Partnership agreements can be attached to placement types (Primary / Secondary) and once offers are selected the agreements need to be signed off before the offers can be submitted. Once submitted a summary of the offers and agreements are sent to the user’s email address. The information that is view and edited is configurable along with the selection of placements shown to the user.

Abyasa SPWeb is a web-based module which ultimately will have all the functionality of SP1 and Partnership in one web site. 

It is currently in trial with a few SCITT providers and through 2022 it will be rolled out to our existing customers in a limited form.  It currently has the ability to view and edit any Abyasa record type, place students and send emails. In its current development cycle, dashboards are being designed for each section which provide a clear, relevant summary of the data and provide an easy starting points for starting tasks. The package will have a comprehensive help section along with simple user screens to ensure the package is intuitive and powerful to use. SPWeb successfully integrates with DfE Apply, allowing users to manage their applicants and interview processes.

Abyasa Address Validation and Postcode Lookup

This module can be integrated into student records systems, and is an easy way to capture addresses using the latest PAF data. Our service allows for real time address search, reverse-search, fuzzy-matching, and live lookup reporting using a sophisticated dashboard.

Notification Service 

Along with all our modules we run a notification service which will notify recipients of any change to the data or when trigger conditions are met. Examples are: changes to student status in the SITS feed or IDRC status in the applicant feed, students starting an Individual Support Plan, students who have not logged on in the last week, assessments that have not been completed by the target date.