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Abyasa is seen as a vital tool for managing student teacher development and supporting Ofsted preparation

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Placements are quickly becoming a critical element of university strategies, hence, a number of providers have developed and integrated courses with 3-12 month work placements. Universities are beginning to understand the importance of gaining real-work experience alongside academic studies. The alignment of academic study with introductions to job markets is becoming increasingly critical for engagement and employability. Abyasa placement software supports universities in addressing employability and retention issues.

Matching a trainee with a good placement is one of the foundations to good business practice

(Review of Teachers’ Placements, University of Leeds, 2002)

University administrators are tasked with seeking placement opportunities, negotiating with students and providers, establishing agreements, allocating, reporting, as well as a range of other administration and management duties. With so many processes to deliver, placement organisation can become time-consuming and error prone. Abyasa provides a single placement tool that automates placement administration- reducing reliance on individuals and enhancing the accuracy of key processes.

Saves 1000’s hours

Ofsted compliant

Placement administrators and academics work together to deliver an enhanced placement experience for students and trainees. Despite this, key parts of the placement process are not always readily available for staff. Abyasa’s online portal links academic members of staff with placement activity, ensuring visibility throughout the placement, simplifying the process, reducing administrative burden, and matching students to a better placement.

A key part of a successful placement experience is the institute’s ability to develop relationships with providers. This becomes very difficult for administrators because running a placement programme without an integrated software solution can be time consuming. Abyasa’s automated systems frees up time for coordinators and administrators to help build strong relationships with providers. With surveys, reports, placement information, and notification reminders at the fingertips of administrators, better and more structured conversations can be held. Abyasa’s online solution minimises paperwork and tedious process involved in managing a placement.

Every year, Abyasa saves our university hundreds of hours matching students with placements

Sheffield Hallam University

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