Scheduling Mentor Training Form and Supervision Allocation forms in Pro

Webinar Details

19/04/2023Mentor Forms – Designing and scheduling forms such as mentor training forms and self-evaluation forms
Tutor Forms – Designing and scheduling forms such as school evaluation forms and supervision allocation forms.
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Bringing in support for modern security standards and features.

We are excited to announce that we now support OAuth authorization for email accounts and TOTP based multifactor authentication for users. With OAuth authorization, an extra layer of security can be added to the email accounts of admin users. The TOTP based multifactor authentication require users to enter a unique code generated by an app on their phone or computer. This code is valid for a limited time and is required in addition to their password when logging in.

Our customers will be able to access these features in the Summer 2023 version and we believe that it will help them feel more secure and confident when using our applications.

Know more about Ofsted Inspections

Please click here to know more about an ITE inspection and what information inspectors will ask for. It describes the main activities that will be carried out during inspections of ITE under section 18B of the Education Act 1994 and the Education and Inspections Act 2006. 

We know the ITE providers will only have a short time to provide the inspectors with accurate data and they may need access to students’ e-portfolio (Abyasa Pro). We always prioritise and make a special effort to support customers when they have an Ofsted inspection. Our customer support team had already sent an email to our customers last week to ensure that they have the relevant data at hand before an inspection and during the inspection process. 

Preparing for the next academic year

Following our successful webinar session on how to prepare the database for 23-24 academic year, we are now working with our customers to get things ready so that they can start sending the trawl emails to their partner schools and receive the offers list from them using our Partnership Portal.

The partnership portal (“Abyasa Offers”) is a wizard based online web application where a school can update its information and enter the placement offers. It also consists of a module where a school can manage the teachers involved in the placements.

Webinars 2023

Our customers support team has begun The Webinars for the year 2023, to see the scheduled webinars for the year 2023 please follow the link

Please mail us at for more information.

Customer Enablement Program

To familiarise the existing customers with our product, the Abyasa customer support team has completed delivering a set of training sessions to over 25 new users in the year 2022. These proactive sessions covered 14 major activities of our software and comprised 300+ minutes. 

We have received a positive review from our attendees and we aim to provide more quality training sessions to our customers in the future.

A feedback from one of our new users – “I find the training and customer support EXCELLENT. It is a pleasure to work with the Abyasa team. They are incredibly knowledgeable, very patient and always very polite”.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

A great start to the year 2023 with our Abyasa Team getting Certified on the “ESET Cyber Security Awareness Programme”, with our employees having an average score of 90% in the ESET Cyber Security Awareness Training. 

This was aimed at enhancing the team’s knowledge base and understanding the steps involved in protecting our firm from the cyber security threats.

A feedback from one of our colleagues – “I really enjoyed the training session.  It was fun, educational and it considerably transformed my knowledge about the potential threats both inside and outside the organization”.

Season’s Greetings

All of us here at Abyasa want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. We value our opportunity to serve you and look forward to doing so in the future. 
We also wish you a Merry Christmas along with much continued success.

Upcoming Webinar: How do we Manage Payments

Webinar Details

5/12/20221. Setup Payment amount in Placement Header screen
2.Generating the Payment Report and sending emails/letter
3.View/Edit/Print the payments overview
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