Managing programme placements, assigning required placements and Placing Students

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21/09/2021Managing programme placements and assigning required placements
Matching Students to Offers
Placing Students
Features to help identify the order in which students may need to be placed
Emailing Schools with the Placement Details
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Training Session for New Users – Events and Awarding Mentor Training Qualification

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30/03/2021Events and Awarding Mentor Training Qualification

1. Setting up an event (Adding event, selecting event type, Dates of an event and number of sessions)
2. Adding Participants to an event3. Updating Attendance to the Participants4. Additional: Removing Participants, Making Participants as Can Not Attend, will not attend5. Event Reports
6. Awarding Mentor Training Qualifications and Mentor Training Certificates
7. Viewing Mentor Training status from Teacher’s screen
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Training Session for New Users- Supporting Students on Placement


21/03/2021Supporting Students on Placements

1. Allocating placements to students
2. Features to help identify the order in which students may need to be placed
3. inputting/attaching relevant placement info e.g. travel plans, mentor details etc
4. Assigning Link Tutors to the Placements
5. Allocating hours to the Link Tutors

Preparing for next academic year 21/22

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20/01/20211. Setting up programs, placement headers, Program Placements and Mapping
2. Setting up program Assessment points and Student Assessment Points
3. Changing system academic year to 21/22
3. Setting up Offer list with Count of Offers Made for 21/22 with Offer Request Status
4. Setting up list which shows the Offer Made in last 3 years
5. Preparing letters/emails and setting offer request status.
6. Monitoring offers you get each week after you have sent the email to schools
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Sending email to school with Placement details

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06/10/20201. Filtering the Placement records 2. Adding a new letter/email template 3. Setting up email/letter template with placement details 4. Sending Emails 5. Filtering the letter/email templates on Template tags 6. Copying and deleting the letter/email templates 7. Making letter/email templates Inactive 8. Recording Mailing and Communications Mayuri

Importing new student details into the abyasa SP1 application

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05/10/20201. Preparing excel sheet with student details to import into the database 2. Optional – Matching with existing records 3. Initialising the data for the import 4. Matching fields – Student address, email address and contact details and personal information 5. Saving the students records. Mayuri