New Webinar: Getting started with the basics of Abyasa SP1 (Part 1)

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Webinar details

07/09/2022This webinar series is designed for new users of the SP1 application; however, all users are still welcome. Our trainer, Mayuri Pai will guide users through the basics of the software, helping build confidence and expertise when using SP1. This interactive series will include some sharing screens sessions, development contributions from users, and Q&As. The first webinar will focus on:
•Logging into the Abyasa SP1 application
•Looking at Menus and Submenus
•Setting up lists, Default List
•Searching records from Link Picker
•Filtering records using Find form
•Saving Queries
•View/Editing record
•Print/Export Lists
MayuriPlease contact our support team for access to the webinar

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