Managing Assessments in SP1 and Pro

Webinar details

10/11/20211. Setting up Headings, Assessment Grades Result set in Abyasa.
2. Setting up Programme Assessment Points and Student Assessment Points
3. Setting up assessment forms in Pro 4. Resolving issues when assessment form cannot be added. 5. Setting up list in Students screen showing the Students Final Assessment grades and Exporting the grades
Mayuri & RomaPlease contact

Sending email to Students/Schools with the Placement details

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05/10/20211. Filtering the Placement records 2. Adding a new letter/email template 3. Setting up email/letter template with placement details 4. Sending Emails 5. Filtering the letter/email templates on Template tags 6. Copying and deleting the letter/email templates 7. Making letter/email templates Inactive 8. Recording Mailing and CommunicationsMayuriPlease Contact

Managing programme placements, assigning required placements and Placing Students

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21/09/2021Managing programme placements and assigning required placements
Matching Students to Offers
Placing Students
Features to help identify the order in which students may need to be placed
Emailing Schools with the Placement Details
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Summer version deployments 2021

We have started delivering the major version upgrade of our applications to the customers. This version includes a new set of exciting features and functionality improvements.
The support team members have also started the training sessions/webinars to go through the new features list.
We are currently configuring the assessment setup for each client to match the new Curriculum Framework.

Abyasa Welcomes New Client, The University of Exeter

We are delighted to welcome the Graduate School of Education (GSE) at the University of Exeter (UoE) to partner with Abyasa in managing teacher training placements through our software.

UoE have a long history of training future teachers using their Exeter Model of ITT, and we are pleased to be part of this innovative and unique model. UoE are graded as Outstanding for overall effectiveness, outcomes for trainees, the quality of training across the partnership, and the quality of leadership and management across the partnership.

Thoughts from Director

“Our objective is to ensure that we provide tailored software solutions for placement providers involved in teacher training. Having another strong client as with Exeter on board is really pleasing as our visions align. Exeter have an outstanding profile for providing trainees with tools to become successful teachers.”

John McCrae, Director at Abyasa Limited