Abyasa becomes a corporate member of ASET

We are pleased to announced that Abyasa Limited has become an official corporate member of ASET.

ASET promotes the sharing of good practice in the sector through its own research-informed publications and Viewpoints, and the dissemination of work by practitioners for practitioners. ASET also provides a comprehensive range of services for its members – 1500 academic and placement professionals at over 120 HEPs. For more than 35 years ASET, the Placement and Employability Professionals’ Body, has been at the forefront of developments in all forms of work based learning and placements.

Our director, John McCrae said “ASET was established to provide effective and quality support to work based placements in higher education, and much of this aligns with our agenda here at Abyasa. ASET works with 128 HEI so it’s a great opportunity to raise our profile and collaborate with placement professionals. For more information on ASET, visit ASET – Integrating Work and Learning (

Preparing for next academic year 21/22

Webinar details

20/01/20211. Setting up programs, placement headers, Program Placements and Mapping
2. Setting up program Assessment points and Student Assessment Points
3. Changing system academic year to 21/22
3. Setting up Offer list with Count of Offers Made for 21/22 with Offer Request Status
4. Setting up list which shows the Offer Made in last 3 years
5. Preparing letters/emails and setting offer request status.
6. Monitoring offers you get each week after you have sent the email to schools
MayuriFurther details to follow

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the whole team here at Abyasa.

We hope that all preparations are going well and everyone is looking forward to their Christmas break. At this special time of year, we give thanks to our clients who have made our jobs easier and reflect on the successful partnerships we have made. We will be starting our Christmas break on the 24th Dec and will be back with you on the 4th Jan. We’re also hoping to be back in the office in early 2021.
On behalf of myself and the rest of the team we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

SP1 Webinars

Webinars for SP1 are continuing, and the next one is scheduled for January. Mayuri Pai will be sending further details out for the webinar titled ‘Preparing for the next academic year 21/22’, which is traditionally a popular session to attend.

Please contact for further information.

Fix deployments are now being scheduled

Abyasa Limited are continuing with the fix version in the month of November. The version is available for all Abyasa clients. The deployment coordinator, Madhuri Pai has scheduled the deployments ahead of the changes to assessment.

This comes at the same time of the annual Abyasa roll over or New Year Process which has been welcomed by clients.

For all enquires, please email

Our New Year Process has begun

Abyasa have confirmed that the roll over to 2021/22 academic year has begun. This means that our team are working hard to ensure that recruitment for next year can take place as soon as clients are ready.

Pooja is now working on timelines for the New Year Process.

All enquires should be sent to


The Abyasa customer support team have continued in delivering webinars on new features and key business processes. This week, webinars were delivered by both the Pro and SP1 team, and included importing records, UK school updates, and Pro new features.

Abyasa clients are encouraged to check the Webinar tab for all future scheduled sessions, or contact the customer support team for topics they would like training on.

Roma will be delivering an exciting webinar titled ‘Setting Up Assessment in Pro for The Academic Year’ on 22/10/20.

The SP1 assessments and placing students will take place in early November.

Sending email to school with Placement details

Webinar details

06/10/20201. Filtering the Placement records 2. Adding a new letter/email template 3. Setting up email/letter template with placement details 4. Sending Emails 5. Filtering the letter/email templates on Template tags 6. Copying and deleting the letter/email templates 7. Making letter/email templates Inactive 8. Recording Mailing and Communications Mayuri

Importing new student details into the abyasa SP1 application

Webinar details

05/10/20201. Preparing excel sheet with student details to import into the database 2. Optional – Matching with existing records 3. Initialising the data for the import 4. Matching fields – Student address, email address and contact details and personal information 5. Saving the students records. Mayuri