Sending email to school with Placement details

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06/10/20201. Filtering the Placement records 2. Adding a new letter/email template 3. Setting up email/letter template with placement details 4. Sending Emails 5. Filtering the letter/email templates on Template tags 6. Copying and deleting the letter/email templates 7. Making letter/email templates Inactive 8. Recording Mailing and Communications Mayuri

Importing new student details into the abyasa SP1 application

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05/10/20201. Preparing excel sheet with student details to import into the database 2. Optional – Matching with existing records 3. Initialising the data for the import 4. Matching fields – Student address, email address and contact details and personal information 5. Saving the students records. Mayuri

Deployments to go ahead

Despite disruptions from COVID-19 among the sector, Abyasa Limited will continue with the expected new releases this year. The fix deployment is scheduled for November. Head of deployments, Madhuri Pai said “We have recently deployed a version with the fix expected in November. I welcome deployments going ahead as it means that clients will benefit from the very latest and best pieces of our software”.

Ryan joins the team

We are also pleased to announced that Ryan Thomas Williams has joined the team as Head of Projects and Marketing. Ryan comes with a strong marketing and digital portfolio having working for some of the world’s biggest blue chip companies.

Ryan has also worked at Sheffield Hallam University where he helped implement Abyasa in the placements team.

Ryan said “Abyasa provide some fantastic software solutions for universities, so I am thrilled to be joining this team”.

Feel free to reach out to Ryan via as he will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Abyasa has launched a new, client-exclusive forum

Abyasa has invested in an exclusive forum for Abyasa customers. This portal will allow clients to ask questions and interact with other Abyasa software users. The NEW forum is password protected, and institutes will receive an email with instructions to gain access to the message and comment board.

Director Shashidar Shetty said “This is an exciting development that we hope can provide extra support for our clients. We anticipate client interaction and ideas to be shared in this forum”.

Abyasa conference postponed due to COVID-19

Abyasa’s annual conference has been postponed due to the coronovirus outbreak. CEO, John McCrae said “I did not feel it was appropriate to organise such a large gathering, especially with circumstances in the U.K”.

The conference was going to be held in Reading, and was expected to be Abyasa’s largest yet by combining institutions from the North and the South of England.

Further details will follow…

Processing payments

Webinar details

05/12/191. Setup Payment amount in Placement Header screen 2.Generating the Payment Report and sending emails/letter 3.View/Edit/Print the payments overviewMayuriexpired

Sending email to schools with the placement details

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21/11/20191. Filtering the Placement records 2. Adding a new letter/email template 3. Setting up email/letter template with placement details 4. Sending Emails 5. Filtering the letter/email templates on Template tags 6. Copying and deleting the letter/email templates 7. Making letter/email templates Inactive 8. Recording Mailing and CommunicationsMayuriexpired